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-foam padding makes your workouts comfortable
-cushioned headrest reduces stress on your neck
-ab slimmer makes your workouts safe and easy
-the ab slimmer eliminates the strain ...
Yoga Set
-Including yoga mat, yoga brick, yoga strap and mesh bag
-The mat can be 173*60*0.4/0.5/0.6cm
-The yoga brick can be 3"x6"x9" or 4"x6"x9"
-The yoga strap can be at ...
Sauna Suit
-Enhance your workout by wearing the Sauna Suit that makes you sweat
-This generously sized suit is specifically designed to incease your body′s perspiration
-It ...
-Environmentally friendly
-Lightweight, strong & stable
-Can assist the beginner and aid the experienced
-Provides support for postures that are otherwise too strong or ...
Pocket Ball -Rubber contains no latex
- Carrying at the pocket conveniently
- 2 ball plugs
-Blowing by mouth with plastic tub
-Weight: 120g
Ankle Weight
-Ankle Weights are an excellent way to add resistance for both training and rehabilitation. The traditional style 5W & 10W are constructed of heavy
-duty nylon ...
Boxing bag
-Made of heavy-duty fiber with cushions.
-It also has lightweight padding, to increase your strength levels during exercise.
-with inner bag and sponge, sand not ...
Exercise Ball with Power Tube
-PVC material
-65cm size
-Weight: 1300g
-With Medium power Latex resistant tube
Elastic Wrist Wraps
-The Elastic Wrist Supports provide superior and comfortable support for your wrist
-They feature 3 inch heavy-duty elastic, an adjustable hook and loop ...
Weighted Vest
-The Weighted vests are perfect for adding resistance to a walk or workout
-Adjustable in weight, it comes with multiple weight packets which can be easily ...
This Pilates Mat is a professional-grade mat just like the ones used in Pilates studios. It is an absolute must for performing all the various forms, exercises and methods ...
Neoprene Thigh Protector
-The Thigh protector is made of nylon&neoprene. It can keep your thigh warm and relaxed. Aat the same time it can prevent thigh from injury.
-One size ...
This Combat Rope takes your workout to an ultimate level of strength and endurance training. This durable cotton/ nylon rope uses natural functional movements to ensure great core ...
Rib Mat
-comfort and special design for carrying everywhere
-comes with padded foam ribs that help the mat to keep its shape
-light weight and durable
Ab Wheel Exerciser
-The Ab wheel is an excellent way in which to obtain a more toned set of ABS
-The rolling action of the Ab Wheel trains both the upper and lower abdominal ...

Weight: 1lb/2lb/3lb/4lb/4lb5lb/6lb/7lb/8lb/9lb/10lb/11lb/12lb
Yoga Mat
-The size is 173*60*0.4cm -Material: PVC
-The yoga mat provides an excellent non-slip ideal for yoga practice and stretching routines.
-The mat easily rolls up for ...
Push-up Bar
-It can enhance the overall development of the upper body, including chest and triceps
-It provides a deeper stretch to build longer muscles
-It contains 2 push ...
-This Sit-Up Bar helps build stomach muscles for a flatter, slimmer look.

-Traditional sit UPS, abdominal crunches, leg lifts, and more are made easier with the Sit-Up Bar.
Wooden Jump rope / Classic Jump Rope

-The wooden jump rope will provide anyone at any level a way to experience jumping rope for a great cardio workout.

-It comes with solid ...
The ideal exerciser to promote physical fitness, health and vigor designed for muscular training system.
Yoga Strap

- Soft & comfortable yoga strap
- Length can be adjusted
-The S Push Up bars are one of the best and easiest ways to build a strong muscular upper body.
-The raised handles help alleviate the stress on your wrist and get a longer dip ...
Cork Blocks are an environmentally sustainable, natural product. Naturally antibacterial, soft, quiet and sturdy. A renewable, sustainable resource that lasts for years, cork makes ...
Weighted Gloves
- Fitness glove fixing system with velcro closure
- Skin friendly
- 2 x 0.50 kg
The Core Performance Power Chute provides a maximum drag of 25 pounds, designed to increase any athlete′s speed and power. The Power Chute, made of durable stitched nylon, is ...